CARPE CAPRA!!!  Seize the Goat!

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Photo credit: Emily Wentland

Hey! We have cute baby goats that people seem to enjoy cooing and cuddling with.  We have some lovely pasture with a great view and shade trees, and yes, we wanted to get in on this hip new thing called goat yoga.  Yep, it’s catchy and actually pretty darn fun. But, there is so much more to goats than downward this and warrior that.

Pasture walk with goatsAt Bifrost Farms Carpe Capra Day, goat yoga is just the beginning.  It may start with getting in touch with your inner yogi, but it’s also an afternoon of indulgence, letting your inner ‘kid’ out to play and your inner adult share wine and cheese with other goat lovers.  It’s a walk with our Caprine residents through fields and trees and pasture. And, it’s listening to a professional storyteller weave her goat-themed tales around us as we contemplate this humble, yet sometimes infuriating, and always clever animal. It’s something you won’t find anywhere else. Plan for a 2-hour experience of goat joy!!

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Cost: $35
2019 Dates: Please check back

Here are a few pointers for your Carpe Capra Day visit.

Participation: Event is limited to 15 people per date. Must be at least 12 years of age to attend and underage minors must be accompanied by a guardian. No pets please.

Weather/Cancellation:  If the weather looks too stormy or wet, we will email you by 10am on Sunday. If the weather seems a little sprinkly or a mix of rain & shine  – it’s a GO!  If you need to cancel – please email or call – or  715.643.2208

The Pee/Poop Thing: Yes there will be some of each. Yes it might get on your clothes, your shoes, your mat. It’s said if a goat pees on you, it’s good luck!

Bring: a towel, hand sanitizer (if you want something other than the regular Purel type stuff), a change of clothes, sturdy shoes or boots for goat walking.

You can’t catch anything from the goats, but our human germs can be transferred to them, so you have to clean your hands before petting them. Plus, you also might want to spray down your hands and feet once you are done. We provide a light bleach spray for your mat if you prefer to sanitize before getting back in your car.

There will be a limited number of mats to rent for $3 if you wish.

Wear layers to suit the changeable weather.

Goat Yoga at Bifrost Farms

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