How to build a barn and feel humble at the same time

So, we’re doing this thing. It’s called a Kiva Zip loan and it’s got to be the most wonderful thing for small businesses since tax deductions!!  They offer 0% interest loans to help small businesses, many of them agriculture and food based, grow and do other things that will benefit them, their employees, their community. And they don’t even look at your credit score! This is how I want the whole world to operate. Between that mentality and a good trade/barter system, we just might have a little hope for our planet.

Here is what we’re going to do with our loan funds (And I know we’re going to get them because I’ve been watching in awe, all morning, as lenders keep popping in and contributing).  We knew we’d need a new barn, but we sure didn’t expect it to be this year!! But I’ve had to add so many goats to the herd just to keep up with demand for cheese, that it’s definitely getting cozy in the little round top. Add eleven new kids born last month… well, I think I might have a rebellion on my hands if we don’t do something soon.

What we have now.








What we are going to have. (It’s 24 x 40)

Which one do you want to live in? 🙂  To read more about our Kiva loan project, follow the yellow brick link.


Thank you 2016!

We want to thank our friends, family and community who has supported us in a million ways this last year. I had no idea what to expect when I decided to start a goat dairy and make cheese. I hoping it wouldn’t turn into the most expensive hobby in the world, but other than that, you just never know.

Well, granted we were only milking a handful of goats at first, but right out of the gate, I couldn’t make enough cheese to fill orders from my two loyal retail outlets, the Menomonie Market Food Cooperative and Just Local Food. We somehow made it through the year and now I’m scrambling again, hoping 2017 will tell me if I’m truly doing the right thing. But, regardless… it would not be a reality without y’all. Thank you thank you thank you.