Whereupon success is judged by the number of people who stopped to pet and say hi to Dagobaz yesterday at the Walk for Paws event, benefiting the Dunn County Humane Society. He even made new furry friends.

Dag and new friend
Mom, what is it?

It was so nice to meet new pet lovers and pass out free dog food samples (and some cat food too!) I was really happy to be able to provide copies of the “Grade Your Dog Food” test, originally published by Whole Dog Journal. If you think you’re doing the best you can for your dog in the way of nutrition, grade your current dog food and find out!!

For those who didn’t get a chance to stop in and pick one up, here is a copy in a nice .pdf format offered by the International Border Collie Assoc.  I’m sure they won’t mind if you grab a copy. It can only benefit everyone and hurt none.

Going local

While most of you would assume I mean groceries and foodstuffs, we do try to follow that rule, but this time, I’m talking phone numbers.

We finally broke down and got a “real” Boyceville, WI phone number which we will be transitioning to slowly as we get new business cards printed.  I’ve changed it over to your right in the sidebar, so for future reference please make a note of our new and improved number.  715-643-2208

The old number will continue to work, so don’t worry if you have our old cards with you and that’s the only one you have.  This also means, of course, we are now listed in directory assistance and the yellow pages.