Natural Herd Management

That’s what we practice here and, although I realize why it is necessary for some people, I cannot imagine pumping chemicals into my girls (and boys).  I won’t get on my soapbox, because most of that is on our website under Our Tribe. But, I did want to say I’ve just updated that page with exactly what we do feed and give our goats that constitutes “natural” to us.  If you have any questions, give me a yell. I’m happy to help goat owners convert to natural or explain anything you find confusing. It’s a pretty steep learning curve, so don’t give up!

It’s all about the immune system

Beating my drum again about the uselessness of the Bordatella vaccine and why I do not require it for boarding dogs at Bifrost Farms.  It is refreshing and gratifying to see vets starting to come around and speak out against bombarding your dog’s body with one more vaccine they don’t need.  Rather than vaccinate, build your dog’s immune system.  When strong and healthy, most any illness can be fought off.   Immune boosting is simple, as it is all in diet. Those with compromised systems, such as my boy, Dagobaz, who had his spleen removed, thus lowering his resistance somewhat, get an extra supplement of New Zealand Colostrum.

Dr. Becker’s video discussion on Kennel Cough, or infectious tracheobronchitis.  There is also a transcript of her video on this page.

I’m always happy to discuss diets and nutrition with anyone who wishes to know how they can improve the quality of their dog’s lives through what they eat.