From Cud to Curd

Bifröst Farms Creamery exists due to the efforts of Meg and Joel Wittenmyer and their small herd of quality Mini-Nubian dairy goats.

While Joel keeps the pastures maintained and things working properly, Meg is the milker, goatherd and midwife for the Bifröst Farms tribe of goats. Between the two, every detailed aspect of the farm is controlled to their exacting standards, creating true Cud to Curd goat milk products.

Although the creamery is currently closed, Bifröst Farms still produces some of the best goat milk lotion you’ve ever tried. For now it is only available at the farm and can be purchased at Menomonie Market Food Cooperative. We’re pretty sure there would be a rebellion if we stopped making our body lotion, it is that popular.

press release photo