These hardworking ladies are the core of our fresh and sustainable products.

First Generation (F1)

The Rehmann's Daisey Do

B52's Casanova's Last Romance

Second Generation (F2)

Ma Bugni's Milky Way (Bella)

Soaring Hearts Powder Puff

Third Generation (F3)

Green Gables Kenzie

Bifrost Farms Bella's Fulla Grace

Fourth Generation (F4)

Seyla Ley Cricket

Bifrost Farms Kenzie's Frickacee

Green Gables Blizzard

Fifth Generation (F5)

Bifrost Farms Ginger, Just Ginger

Bifrost Farms Ilde (2019 FF)

See her dam, Bonnie, in Reference Animals.

Bifrost Farms Perseverance (2019 FF)

See her dam, Cricket, in Reference Animals.

Sixth Generation (F6)

Carpenter's Ranch Ruby

Bifrost Farms Jay Jay (2019 FF)
View her dam, Esther, in Reference Animals.