It’s art. It’s science. And you can eat it!

The first thing you need to realize is that goat milk is NOT cow milk. They both come from the teat of a hoofed animal, but as far as we’re concerned that’s where the comparison ends. Goat milk is fragile. Goat milk must be handled carefully, stirred slowly and not overworked. The reason has to do with the tiny fat globules that make up goat milk, and by the way, that is what also makes it more digestible. If goat milk is treated roughly, the final product will be tough and not at all what you intended.mainheader

All this is to say that Bifröst Farms knows goat milk and it shows in the fresh, sweet taste of our Chèvre and the creamy crumbliness of our Farmhouse Salzkäse, Feta style cheese. We make cheese that will make you smile!  And we always use a plant-based rennet, so vegetarians can enjoy our entire product line. If you’re enjoying one of our flavored Chèvres, then rest assured, added ingredients are organic and kosher, if possible.


Some people might say that Chèvre is the penultimate French cheese. Such a simple, basic and deliciously lush food, yet full of subtle tones and tastes. Bifröst Farms Chèvre is made using our own unique blend of cultures to make it our own and yet keep the characteristics that make it a Chèvre. If you’re a purist, you will love our simple salted Chèvre. But, we urge you to try some of our flavored cheese as well. Our favorite is the smoked black pepper, followed closely by citrus sea salt.

We also offer many alternative flavors for special occasions. Bifröst Farms is happy to supply you with Chèvre or Salzkäse for your wedding, family reunion or other personal gathering. Ask us about some of our special flavors, or create your own. Lemon/Rosemary, Green Olive/Tarragon and Herbs de Provence are just a few of the possibilities.


Salzkäse, literally salt cheese, is our farmstead version of a semi-soft Feta-style cheese. It is a bit creamier, yet still crumbles. And it still has that undeniable and beloved tang you’ll fall in love with on a salad, pasta or even by itself. We occasionally offer it marinated in olive oil, sundried tomatoes, rosemary and black olives. A true plowman’s lunch in a jar when you add some crusty, fresh bread.

Melty Salzkase on a homemade pizza. #goatcheeseAnd for those who can’t have cow’s milk cheese and miss those homemade pizzas, our Salzkäse melts beautifully!

“This stuff is killer! The new guilty pleasure in our house.”  ~ A. Wolbert, customer



Bringing a little South of the Border to the North Woods! Cajeta is goat milk caramel sauce, unlike anything you have ever tasted. It has a deep, rustic flavor and the long cooking time gives it a nuttiness that can’t be replicated by a quick and easy recipe. But, we think it’s worth it! What can you do with Cajeta? For starters, it makes an excellent topping on cheesecake or ice cream, dipping applies, a boost to your morning coffee, and only the limits of your imagination can stop the possibilities from there. The ingredients are simple; goat milk, non-GMO, organic, kosher pure cane sugar, vanilla, a cinnamon stick, and maybe a splash of Bourbon if we’re feeling frisky. Our Cajeta is a seasonal product, so look for it as the leaves start to change color each year and stock up, because we guarantee it will go fast. Cajeta is packaged in small, glass jars, unlike our other cheese products, but we are happy to say it is still sustainable. This is a seasonal specialty and only available in the fall and winter.

Goat Milk Shampoo Bars & Lotion

At our house, humans and dogs alike are pretty picky about what we use on our hair. We have custom created a Bifröst Farms canine shampoo bar, made with only the highest quality ingredients, including therapeutic-grade essential oils. All ingredients are specifically known for their properties to help sooth itchy, dry skin and repel insects. In order of quantity, each bar includes: Goat milk, coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, neem oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, aloe vera oil, sodium chloride, colloidal oatmeal, comfrey, tea tree oil, rose geranium oil, eucalyptus oil, citric acid.

Bifröst Farms goat milk lotion is a popular item at the Menomonie Market Food Cooperative. I can guarantee that as soon as the last jar is sold, someone is going to come tell me they need more lotion at the co-op.  Besides our nourishing goat milk, it contains Aloe Vera oil, Avocado oil, Shea Butter, Rice Bran oil and Green Tea oil. The light scent it carries is from therapeutic grade Lavender oil and Carrot Seed oil.




Where to find us

Our Chèvre and Salzkäse is currently being served at:
The Red Stag Supper Club, Minneapolis MN
The Farm Table, Amery WI
Locavore Mobile Kitchen, Eau Claire WI
The Raw Deal, Menomonie WI

“Thank You for all your hard work and all the sacrifices you have made in order to make this beautiful cheese. It is the best I’ve ever had and we all feel the same! Its so wonderful to get to work with you and support your dreams!” ~ Karen, Farm Table Restaurant, Amery WI

You can purchase both flavored and plain Chèvre and Salzkäse at:
Just Local Foods, Eau Claire WI
Menomonie Market Food Coop, Menomonie WI
The Raw Deal, Menomonie WI
The Wedge, Minneapolis WI
Linden Hills Coop, Minneapolis WI
River Market, Stillwater MN

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