Decided to retire from cheesemaking, so I will have a major herd dispersal (about 20 goats), Winter and Spring 2020.  Most does will be sold pregnant, in milk or as dry yearlings. I breed in October for March kidding. We have a whole range of generations, blood lines and prices, so please contact me if you are looking for something particular. All of our goats are tested annually and raised with a ton of human contact, so they’re very friendly. These girls were chosen and kept in my herd for their butterfat and production. Email us for pictures, pedigree and more information.

All are MDGA registered or registerable Miniature Nubians.

Ma Bugni’s Milky Way (Bella) – 2nd generation, extended lactation, large capacity. 5 years old, $150

Bifrost Farms Fulla Grace – 3rd gen daughter of Bella. Sire is Echo Hills Goldstone. She really has the ears!! 3 years old, $250

Bifrost Farms Ilde – 5th gen FF (dried off), with straight and nice placement of teats!! Awesome potential. 2.5 years old, $400

Bifrost Farms Jay Jay – 6th gen FF (dried off), with awesome Green Gables lines. 2.5 years old, $400

Bifrost Farms Perseverance – 5th gen FF (dried off) combining new genetics with Green Gables. 2.5 years old, $400

Bifrost Farms Fenrir – 3rd gen buck, combining two of our best outstanding milk lines.  He has wattles!! Born 7/3/2019, $200

I may add others once I finalize the list.






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