The food pyramid for dogs

Nutritional Coaching for Your Pet’s Diet

Studies have proven that a dog’s diet has as much or more to do with its overall health than any other single factor. We have researched every brand of dry and wet dog food on the market, as well as studied canine nutrition from some of the field’s leading experts. While a dog’s most natural diet mirrors what its ancestors ate; a raw prey model diet of muscle meat, organ meat, and bone, most people are not able to provide that due to our hectic day to day lives. There are several ‘near’ raw dry kibbles and wet foods, alike, and we carry several of those. We love to help people understand their pet’s nutritional needs better, so please call to schedule a visit where Meg will be happy to offer complimentary coaching and a brief educational overview of the different kinds of food and their value to your pet.  We would also be pleased to help you transition your dog or cat to a raw or mixed raw and kibble diet. This can be a daunting process sometimes, but is ultimately the very best way to feed your pet.

And because we believe that proper nutrition is one of the cornerstones of good health in our pets, Bifrost Farms has decided to offer some of the best premium quality pet foods on the market today.  Don’t just show up and expect to shop our brands, however.  Due to the lack of preservatives in most of these foods, Bifrost Farms has opted to place one order per month, on a by-request basis.  Let us know if you’d like to be put on our pet food mailing list to be notified when orders are going in.

Here are some terms and ingredients used in the food descriptions below and why they are important to know about when planning your pet’s diet.

  • Enzyme – The best enzymes, which help digest food, come from food in its natural, uncooked state. If insufficient in your dog’s food, then the whole digestive burden is put on your pet’s body, causing an over-stressed digestive system.
  • Probiotic – These are the ‘good’ bacteria that help maintain a healthy eco-system in the digestive organs. Very important to the immune system.
  • Amino Acids – These are protein’s critical for a dog and cat’s health. Some essential amino acids they can produce themselves, but many cannot and must be supplied in their food.
  • Omega Oils – Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids cannot be synthetically produced and are a critical part of nutrition. So, foods that contain natural forms of these supplements are always a good thing.
  • Grain-free and/or starch-free – Aside from the fact that many dogs are allergic to wheat or other grains, grain and starch are not a significant natural part of a dog or cat’s diet. Many commercial foods, including some very popular names, use them as filler, which translates to empty calories and a food too high in carbohydrates.
  • Vegetables and fruits – Especially when feeding a raw diet, some vegetables and fruit are very healthy and add nutrition. In the wild, the only herbivore ingredients a dog would get were the contents of his prey’s stomach and the grass he munched on occasionally. This provided all the fiber they need.
  • Game – Not only is a dog’s biologically natural diet originally based on wild game, but venison, beaver, duck and bison are very good alternative proteins for allergy-prone dogs.
  • Raw diet – This subject deserves its own page because it is something we believe in so strongly. A good place to start would be and Jane Anderson’s page of raw links.

Check out some of the pet food labels you can order through Bifrost Farms.  Most have cat food too, which we also sell. Below we have provided a link to each company’s website, as well as a few words to explain why we like this food and recommend it to our clients (not in order of preference). We do not sell anything we would not feed to our dogs, and that’s saying quite a bit.

Bravo Raw – Bravo is one of the original commercial raw food companies to begin offering balanced raw mixes for your dog. They have a variety of meaty bones, ground meat only, ground meat with vegetables and recreational raw chewing bones.

Canine Caviar – The dry formulas are only cooked for six seconds and are at least 91% digestible. This translates into more nutrition being absorbed from your dog’s food and less poop to clean up.  They also offer frozen raw products of ground turkey and ground beaver. (dogs and cats)

Dave’s Pet Food – This is a high-quality, poultry-free alternative for finicky eaters or dogs with allergies. It’s a very affordable premium food. (dogs)

Green Tripe – Green tripe, which is the contents of a ruminating animal’s stomach (cows, sheep, deer, etc.), is packed full of digestive enzymes, fatty acids and amino acids. It is said that eating green tripe and also help keep your pup’s teeth clean. It is a very beneficial food for dogs with sensitive stomachs or suffering from IBD/IBS. The Green Tripe company offers 100% tripe or tripe/organ meat mixes in convenient packaging.  Learn more about why you should feed your dog green tripe in this great article.

Holistic Select – What we like best about Holistic Select is its extensive line of unique and healthy cat foods.  Both dog and cat foods also contain probiotics and enzymes to aid in digestive health.

Nature’s Logic – None of the vitamins, minerals or amino acids in this food are synthetically produced. Everything is 100% natural and they offer canned, dry or frozen food for a great variety from one single company.  This is just one of the raw foods we are happy to carry.

Northwest Naturals – The company carries one of our other frozen raw food lines.  It comes in bulk or incredibly convenient pouches of ground raw meat and bone and vegetables.  With six flavors, our Bifrost Farms dogs love it!

NutriSource – This is one of the most economical quality kibbles on the market today. There are grain and grain-free options in several flavors, as well as a full line of cat foods.

OC Raw – This is a new addition to the raw food line.

Primal – Primal is another company who offers raw food, but also a freeze dried option, which can be so convenient while traveling or as an addition to traditional kibble feeding. You can get just meat, or a mix of meat and vegetables in raw options. Their treat link provides wholesome snacks with no grain, gluten or preservatives.

Wellness – We like the Wellness line of Simple Solutions foods for allergy prone dogs and cats.  Each recipe only contains five ingredients. Their CORE line offers a grain-free, high-protein diet formula.

Zuke’s -These dog and cat treats are made at Zuke’s 100% wind-powered facility in Durango, CO.  Except for their lamb and venison, which is sourced from New Zealand, all ingredients are grown or made in the USA.  Wheat, corn and soy free.

Raw Goat Milk – Our raw goat milk is produced right here on the farm and sold as PET FOOD ONLY. Here are some of the reasons that raw goat milk can be a good investment for you pet, taken from Jodi Ziskin’s site, Healthy Pet Coach.

Raw goat milk is one of the most complete foods on earth. It contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, cancer-fighting antioxidants, protein and fatty acids. Because it is highly digestible, these nutrients are absorbed and assimilated rather quickly.

It is a wonderful digestive aid for cats and dogs, as well as a tasty way to meet their daily needs for moisture. This is especially true for cats, as they have a low thirst drive by nature. It is an excellent nutritional aid for senior pets and those with diminished appetites, too.

Raw goat milk is also a recommended replacement for mother’s milk for kittens that have been separated from their mothers and not yet weaned. What a great alternative to the chemical-laden kitten formulas on the market!

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