A broken record is better than a broken dog or cat

It’s possible there are some people out there who think that people arguing for less vaccinating are all woo-woo weird following the latest fad. Would you believe Wisconsin’s own Dr. Ronald Shultz, of the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, who has been researching vaccines, their longevity, and effects for 40 years?

Dogs Naturally Magazine has been kind enough to provide a .pdf printable copy of their latest article which goes into much more detail than I would ever attempt for those who want statistics, facts and pictures. Please, for the safety of your dog and cat, educate yourself and possibly your own vet.  Surely one of their own is worth taking pause to listen to?

Believe me, vaccinosis is real. Here is a link to an informative, downloadable 46-page book by Ed Frawley, Vaccinosis, Do Your Research Before You Vaccinate. And a free e-book, Vaccinosis and its cure by Thuja.


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