A summer of growth and discovery

Wow, has it really been two months since we updated?  I must confess that the research for new pet foods and answering client questions about Diamond products consumed much more time than anticipated, but we’ve also grown in so many ways.  I personally love being able to help educate pet owners about the nutritional requirements for their cats and dogs.

Did you know that cats are ‘obligate’ or strict carnivores?  What does this mean? It means the primary part of your cat’s diet should be based on animal-protein as opposed to vegetable.  Did you also know that corn can actually cause cystitis, or bladder infections?  So, why do some of the most popular prescription diets supposedly created for cats with bladder issues contain corn?  Beats me!

Did you know that sometimes aggression in dogs can be chalked up to diet?  Too much protein has been found to cause some dogs to react more aggressively.

Nutrition has become my passion and while I love taking care of everyone’s dogs when they can’t be home to do it themselves, I never get tired of continuing my own education about how food and supplementation can make a dog or cat’s life easier…or harder.

We at Bifrost Farms hope everyone’s summer has been fun-filled and everything you wanted.  We make sure to let the dogs who board here do all their hard outside playing in the morning when it’s cool, bringing them inside for an air conditioned hot afternoon.  Don’t forget that if the outside temperature is 85 degrees, it only takes 5-7 minutes for temps to reach 100 degrees inside a car.

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