All Dogs Want to be Chefs

That is the determination we have made based on scientific observation of the highest standards.  Our dogs told us.  No, really.

We have an open design concept in our home and there is pretty much no barrier at all between it and the rest of the house, so our dogs are free to watch us preparing food as long as they don’t get too close.  Ever since we started making an effort to understand our dogs, we’ve realized that all they want is just one taste of everything.  That seems to satisfy everyone.

A few years ago it occurred to us that they were just testing everything to see what they liked and didn’t like, so when they come back as Chefs, they’ll have a reasonable grasp of gastronomy.  So, now we tell them what each ingredient is and if they’ve never tasted it before, we give them a nibble.* This morning, Joel was showing Harley how to properly chop an onion. Harley was suitably impressed, but didn’t get to taste it.

* Our dogs get to taste whatever they want except for those foods which are unhealthy or poisonous to dogs.  See this list if you don’t know what those are.

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