Beware of Chicken Jerky Treats

A good friend on Facebook just shared an alarming article about the dangers of chicken jerky treats  being imported from China.  It bothers me that they can’t seem to find out what it is about them that is making dogs ill, but it’s enough that I think we should all be cautious.

Believe me, I know how much dogs love these treats too!  We don’t have to avoid them totally and deprive our furbabies of their favoritest goodies.  Just be careful that you are purchasing products made in the USA, which is always a good rule of thumb anyway, in my opinion.  There are lots of choices without having to play Russian Roullet with our pet’s lives. Here are just a few of the chicken strip or jerky treats that are healthy and worry-free, made right here in this country.

Dogswell – They make a whole line of jerky treats with added benefits. Their chicken & veggie jerky Vitality bars have added supplements to help maintain eyes, skin and coat. They also have chicken jerky strips with names like Happy Heart, Mellow Mutt and Shape Up, which are pretty self explanatory.

Evangers – This veteran premium dog food manufacturer has just added a line of Nothing but Natural Organic jerky treats, including chicken, veggies and fruits.

Just Chicken – My good friends at Mouthfuls in Denver, CO created this 100% chicken treat that I have yet to find a dog who didn’t love it.

Jones Natural Chews – These treats look good enough for us humans!!  Tender Taffy (soft jerky)and sausages links are made from USA meat products (including the chicken) with no artificial ingredients.

JJ Fuds – One of the commercial raw frozen dog food companies also creates Chicken stick chews aptly named Joy Sticks. These 3 ft. long treats will keep your dog busy for more than 30 seconds!

Zukes – And finally, one of my favorite all time treat companies.  Zukes has it all, and among the large selection are their premium chicken Z-Fillets. These soft jerky treats are additive, wheat and corn free.

Of course, any of the products listed are available through our special ordering system at Bifrost Farms.  Remember we do not stock an inventory because we always want our clients to get the freshest food possible.  Call or email us to be added to the Dog Food Order List and you will be notified when we place our orders, approximately every three weeks.

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