Breed research

I’ve discovered a new pass time when not playing with, feeding or watching over the dogs who stay at Bifrost Farms.  Every time I get a reservation for a breed of dog I’m not very familiar with, I do some research on them so I’ll have an idea what to expect in general.

Of course, we ask all of our new clients to fill out a first-time boarding questionnaire which gives us more specific information about their pets’ needs.  For instance, we like to know if your pet would rather play than be cuddled or visa versa, what is his favorite toy and how well he gets along with other dogs.  Now that we have a nice large fenced area for everyone to play in, the dogs who can really enjoy going out together and bouncing around in the snow.

Molly is a Jack Russell Terrier who is with us this week and today she gets a bath in preparation for Mom picking her up in the morning.  Tonight is her fifth night, which qualifies her for a complimentary bath here.  As much as she’s been playing and digging around in the snow this week, she really needs it. 🙂

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