Calling all who care about what they feed their pets

As you may have noticed, food and nutrition are playing a big part of our plans for Bifrost Farms.  We believe educating ourselves about our pet’s food is as important as the thought we put into our own.  To that end, I’d like to invite anyone who is interested to call and set up a complimentary appointment to discuss your current dog or cat’s diet and learn what options are out there to provide the best and most complete foods and supplements for everything they need.

In addition, after research and a continuing quest to not sell anything we would not feed our own pets, the Pet Food page of our web site has been redesigned to reflect the foods, snacks and supplements that we believe in, promote to others and sell to clients. We have included a short blurb of why we like each product, along with an explanation of some of the terms and ingredients mentioned in our review. Check it out!!

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