Thank you 2016!

We want to thank our friends, family and community who has supported us in a million ways this last year. I had no idea what to expect when I decided to start a goat dairy and make cheese. I hoping it wouldn’t turn into the most expensive hobby in the world, but other than that, you just never know.

Well, granted we were only milking a handful of goats at first, but right out of the gate, I couldn’t make enough cheese to fill orders from my two loyal retail outlets, the Menomonie Market Food Cooperative and Just Local Food. We somehow made it through the year and now I’m scrambling again, hoping 2017 will tell me if I’m truly doing the right thing. But, regardless… it would not be a reality without y’all. Thank you thank you thank you.

Is it time to rest yet?

Winter is just around the corner for us and we are probably as prepared for it the best we’ve ever been so far.  My biggest challenge so far is getting these darned girls bred.  Two of them show interest in the buck rag to the point of swooning, Every Damn Day.  The rest could care less about it at all.  The one I could definitely tell was ready is of course, the one I’m not breeding this year.  I have faced the sad fact that I will have to break down and keep a buck on the property next year.  I’ve managed so far to just take the does over to Green Gables Mini Nubians each fall and get them bred, but with six in line, I’m smacking my forehead every day. So, today I’m going to ask my neighbor if I can borrow her buck to put in the permanently fenced paddock we have up the hill from the barn. I’m hoping the girls will go stand at the fence by him when they’re ready and I can then drive them over to Green Gables to be matched with my choice of buck for each one.

The orders keep coming in weekly from both the Menomonie Market Food Coop and Just Local Food, the two retailers I sell to. Tomorrow is the final farmers market so I’m hoping to have more product on hand for farm sales.  And MMFC surprised me with this poster of a picture their photographer took when they were out here interviewing me.  It’s pretty weird seeing my face up over their cheese counter everytime I go in.