Choose an online pet pharmacy wisely

For years some of my vets (from living in different places) have warned me about ordering medications online.  Mostly they were worried about the conditions in which the medicine was stored and expiration dates.  I’m sure we all know the dangers of buying online, whether it be dog meds or people meds.

vet_symbolI wanted to share a website though that might help put our minds at ease.  The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy accredits not only human online pharmacies, but those which fill pet prescriptions as well.  The list of accredited Vet-VIPPS online pharmacies can be found on their site.  So, be sure to check this list before making your next online purchase.

But, be sure to check your personal veterinarian’s prices also.  Many vet clinics are now matching or coming very close to online prices, realizing that they are not only losing business, but possibly forcing their clients to buy medications which are not properly stored or shipped.  I know I’d rather support my locally owned vet more than a large online presence, even if it means spending a couple of extra dollars.

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