Considering a raw diet for your pet? Now is a good time to start!


As I posted on our Facebook page, our pet food distributor is going wild with raw diet options. They just added to new ones, bringing the total name brands of raw food available to me and my customers to seven, plus one low temp cooked diet which looks promising.

To celebrate this plethora of raw riches, I will sell any of these foods (in raw form only, except for Nature’s Kitchen), during the month of August, at 25% off regular suggested retail. **Please keep in mind that I do not maintain an inventory and you should call to find out when my order dates are to make sure yors gets in during August.  I will be ordering at least twice during this promotion.



Nature’s Kitchen (No grain, human grade meat cooked diet at low temperature)

Nature’s Logic

Northwest Naturals

OC Raw

Primal Pet Food


** Order dates for August are currently scheduled for 8/5 and 8/26

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