Dave’s Pet Food Goes National!


Some of you who purchase dog and cat food from me already know what a fan of Dave’s I am.  It is a high quality food with several varieties at one of the most reasonable prices around.  I feed it here at the kennel when dog owners leave their pets and ask to use my food.  I feed it to my own cat.

Just received an email from Dave (yes  he emails me and he’s even called me personally when I’ve had questions about his products) with some pretty awesome news. One of the obstacles I’ve encountered in getting people to try Dave’s is the fact that they’ve never heard of it.  That’s because Dave spends his money on developing a top quality product rather than a big advertising budget.  Hopefully, that will all change now and word will finally get out about this great product.

On January 10th and 11th Dave himself will be on the Home Shopping Network pitching his product and telling the audience the ‘story’ of Dave’s.  It’s a great opportunity for him and Dave’s Pet Food and I’m really happy so many more people will find out about it.  In particular, he’ll be talking about:

  • the Easy to Digest dry and canned dog food
  • the 95% meat canned foods
  • the canned cat foods
  • the Simply the Best “dog got gas”  dry food

Check it out if you’re around a TV. I think it’s kinda cool.


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