Disaster Preparedness for your Dog

In Wisconsin I’ve learned that we have tornadoes and snow storms.  But other parts of the country have different dangers which can strike fast, leaving many people in a panic when it comes to their pets.  With the recent attack of Irene on the east coast, along with flooding all over the Midwest, having a disaster preparedness plan for you and your pet is very important.

There are several websites which can offer step by step procedures and suggestions, but here are few of the most important things to remember in case of natural disaster or emergency.

* Create a pet emergency/disaster “kit” and place it in a prominent place in your home.

* Learn pet CPR and first-aid.  The red-cross actually offers a pet first aid course. There are also several independent companies which teach it.  The Bifrost Farms staff has had several hours of pet first-aid and CPR training for just such emergencies while our client’s beloved dogs are staying with us.

* Have a plan set with neighbors in case you’re not home. Make arrangements for a trusted neighbor to take your pets and meet you at a specific location.

* Microchip your pet.  However, it does no good unless you register your pet with one of the pet ID services.

* Don’t leave your pet behind. Even if you think you will only be gone a few hours, you never know what will happen while you’re gone and you may not be able to come back for your pets.

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