Help us bring goat cheese and a place for learning to Bifrost Farms!


After much anticipation and trepidation, we have launched our first crowdfunding effort for Bifrost Farms. As many of you who follow us know, I have been working on getting my Wisconsin cheese makers license for three years. And finally got that blasted piece of paper in April!! HOORAY!!

Now the hard part. I can’t sell my delicious fresh goat milk cheese without a licensed dairy and creamery on our farm. Most of it will be financed through a USDA Beginning Farmer Micro-Loan, but I really don’t want to have to take out that loan until we’re just a couple of months shy of opening in Mary 2016.  There are, however, a few things that really need to be done this fall before the ground freezes because they involve digging.

Thus, we have launched a Barnraiser crowdfunding campaign today to try to raise at least $4000 so these things can get done without the loan. It’s a win/win for everyone in our community. We get to keep working on the place with electric over the winter and we’re that much closer to reaching our opening goal date. We also plan to offer the creamery as a place for cheese maker’s to learn how to make cheese in a micro-setting vs. the large cheese making plants found throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Please take a look at our video and read our story and if you’re so moved, help with this endeavor.  And even if you can’t help, please pass this along to your friends and family to help us get the word out. You’ll be supporting sustainable community and the local food movement.  Thank you.

Here’s the link:  Http://



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