It’s a Micro-Creamery finally!

We did it! But we didn’t do it alone! Bifrost Farms Creamery LLC is a reality because of the dedication and belief in us that so many in our immediate circle and far afield had in us.  As of June 23rd, Bifrost Farms is a licensed milk production plant in western WI. Possibly the only farmstead goat creamery on this side of the state. I know of one up north, but as for central western Wisconsin, I believe we’re it! How cool is that!?

We went from this:IMG_474995739To this:
IMG_488380077And this:
IMG_488380099In four months.

Made our first batch of cheese last week and delivered our first order to Menomonie Market Cooperative last Friday. Attended our first farmer’s market Saturday morning and sold out in two and a half hours. I’d say that’s a good start!

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