Kitchen Share Doors Opening Soon!!

If you know us, you know we can’t NOT keep thinking of ways to have fun, make money and help our community, all at the same time.  As sad as I was to close the creamery in 2019, based on the results of 2020, I think it was a terrific idea!! However, we couldn’t bare to let the hard work and money we’d invested in the building itself go to waste and it became pretty clear our community could use a nice, affordable commercial kitchen to rent out to budding food entrepreneurs.

Thus was born Bifrost Farms Kitchen!! We now have a space that our food and farming community can use to introduce their products to the world without having to install their own licensed kitchen.  We’re so excited to see what yummy treats start leaving our kitchen, ya’ll! Here are a few pics. Things might change around before we have a hard open in a couple of weeks, but still…. I love you my Wisconsin foodies!

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