Know your dog food

I just added a new link to the blogroll over there to the right. Dog Food Advisor is an unbiased, not sponsored by any food brand, review site for dry, wet and raw dog foods on the  market today.  It includes a separate listing of grain-free foods, information about pet food recalls and provides a store locator.  Yes, we’re on it!!

And while we’re talking food, pardon a little brag.  I got my first DELIVERY yesterday.  Up until now, our orders have not been large enough for my distributor to deliver out here in the west Wisconsin boonies, but word is getting out and now I get my own pallet of food delivered directly to The Farm.  Orders will be going in on a much more regular and predictable basis, as I’ll be shooting for every two weeks (deliveries are on Tuesdays).  Next delivery is on the 11th!!

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