Menomonie now has a place to buy pre-made pizza dough!

Most people who frequent the Menomonie Farmer’s Market on Saturdays know by now that they can find a 1 lb. package of refrigerated sourdough pizza dough at the Bifrost Farms table, alongside the Sausage/Cheese Kolaches (with or without Jalapenos).

We worked all winter, trying six different types of flour and several famous chefs’ recipes, as well as our own innovations, before we came up with something we felt was good enough for public consumption.  We can now offer two types of crust; Regular for your home oven that only gets to 500, and High Heat for those lucky enough to have a wood-fired pizza oven that reaches up to 900 degrees.  And yes, they are not the same at all.  And if you’re not a baker or pizza dough maker, you may not realize that hydration is really a ‘thing’ and our higher hydration is what makes the dough bubble up around the edges and get crispy on the bottom. We generally strive for about 70% hydration, which is on the high end and why it’s so important to use copious amounts of flour when rolling out our dough.

However, a couple of weeks ago, we suspect that they hydration level may have gotten a little out of control and for that we profusely apologize.  It was indeed a very wet, sticky dough. More than it should have been.  And for anyone who stopped by our table and bought pizza dough that you had a hard time working with, we implore you to come by and let us know and pick up another dough, our compliments. When we make mistakes, we own them.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a beef brisket, red onion and pickle pizza we made the other night.  Yeah, it disappeared really fast.

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