Our herd is tested for CL, CAE and Johnes annually at WADDL and has always tested negative. All goats are G6A normal either by parentage or testing. We are located in western WI, near Menomonie and about an hour from the Twin Cities.  Inquires should be directed to bifrostfarms@gmail.com.  Thank you for your consideration.

We are offering two does I had hoped to keep for new lines, but the cost of hay and our desire to downsize even further has made it necessary to find them other good homes who will appreciate their potential as much as we do. I never try to make money on my goats, as my main objective is a good home. However, I have housed and fed these girls for at least a year. Please do not offer lower prices. I think mine are fair. Both are ready to be bred this fall.

Bifrost Farms Hela, born 5/22/19 (Experimental 2nd gen)
MDGA registration# GXN00454
Dam – Fairhaven Pirouette
Sire – Bifrost Farms Loki
Because we could not find the dam’s registration of Hela’s dam, Pirouette was registered experimental by appearance, however little Hela’s sire on her dam’s side was Green Gables Finobar *B. On her sire’s side is more Green Gables, as well as a heavy producing Grand Dam from Tipsy Hills. Sorry about the dirty goat. The only time she’s still enough to take a picture of is when she’s eating. LOL  She is trained to the stand even though she has never been bred, and also very very sweet and food motivated. PLUS, added bonus of cute wattles she inherited from her Grandma Ebony.






Bifrost Farms Katniss, born 7/27/20 (F4)
MDGA registration# XN12533*
Dam – Green Gables Kenzie (F3)
Sire – Bifrost Farms Fenrir (F3)
Katniss was going to be our last doeling from Kenzie, but I’ve decided to breed her one more time next year, so I’m letting her daughter go now while she’s young and can bond with her new herd. Included in the pictures of Katniss below, is a picture of Kenzie’s udder shortly after kidding. Lots of milk behind this girl.