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So much has been going on this Spring, I hardly know where to start.  We got the FSA loan for the creamery approved fairly quickly, but then waited almost as long as the approval process took for two stupid pieces of paper. One from my insurance company and one from the home mortgage holder. You’d then they had never been faced with anything like this EVER!  But, things got going in March (rather than the anticipated early February) and are at a place where I can finally picture a creamery being here.

So this:   IMG_474995739

Has turned into this:    IMG_483663766
And then last Thursday, this happened (times five)!!!

Frickas girl2

Yes, our of five kids born between two does, we have four girls and one boy!! I’m so proud of my ladies, I can’t even express. One is a first freshener and she is continuing the tradition from her family line of being a most awesome mom to her doeling (pictured above) and buckling, who will be going to New York to be herd sire to his own little harem. Then a few hours later Bella blessed us with triplet doelings!!  They all deserve a post of their own, so that’s all I’ll say about that for now.

Next, the plumbing and electric will be completed this week and next week a bit more construction and then all the equipment gets moved in and installed and THEN I GET INSPECTED.  For all the Barnraisers who are expecting to name a kid this year, I’m going to have to whittle it down to the first five who donated for that reward and then the rest should be able to be filled out of next year’s kidding.

Now I have to go run meet with the Pasture Planner for our intensive grazing grant we’re hoping to get to help with fencing, etc. next year.

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