Pet food labeling, pt. 1 – Can they confuse us anymore?

Most likely they will. Who is ‘they’?  The myriad of government agencies, both federal and state, which between them use just about every letter in the alphabet.  We’ve been conditioned to believe that if it has an acronym, it must be official, right? Well, official or not, these oversight bodies are doing us, the consumer, no favors.

There have been many wonderfully insightful, educational articles written about pet foods, their labeling and how we can wade through the sometimes conflicting requirements, all so we can better understand what we’re feeding our fur family members.  I would simply like to point you to some of them, as well as emphasize some of the points I found particularly interesting.

When I was researching something for my Canine Nutrition course I found a very lengthy, detailed paper that the casual reader would probably not want to wade through.  However, it has some very interesting information everyone with a dog or cat should know about.  I’ve provided the link to some excerpts below.

Deconstructing the Regulatory Façade:

Why Confused Consumers Feed their Pets

Ring Dings and Krispy Kremes

 In part 2 I would like to provide some examples of foods many wonderful dog owners have come to believe are healthy for their charges, and why they are not.



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