Saving money, but maybe not your best friend

Many of us are living through some of the worst financial times of our lives. That shouldn’t mean we must do without the companionship and love of a dog, though. And just like with children, that comes with a responsibility. If you’ve been reading our blog at all, you already know that nutrition is probably the #1 priority to us for pet health and care.  But, we realize that not everyone can afford the ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ foods that, unfortunately cost so much (not unlike us humans wanting to eat organically, but many time unable to afford it).  Sadly, the more affordable foods come with a price tag much bigger than the one you see at the checkout counter.

I just read an article this morning which proves this better than I could ever explain it myself. is an awesome source of information and I think everyone with a pet should be reading it, but that could be my fanaticism showing. 🙂  However, today Susan exposes the not so subtle truth about the preservation that Walmart uses in its dog food, Ol’ Roy. ‘E’, as Ethoxyquin is sometimes called, is one of the causes of cancer in dogs and there it is, bold as you please, on the ingredient list of Ol’ Roy Moist and Meaty dog food.

If you see “Ethoxyquin” listed on the ingredient panel, you are taking serious risks with your pets health.  Call the manufacturer of every food, treat or chew your pet consumes and ask them what preservative is used – by the ingredient supplier – for ingredients such as meat meals (example chicken meal, turkey meal, even meat and bone meal), fats (such as chicken fat or animal fat), fish meals and fish oils. ~Susan Thixton

If you’ve ever wondered how your dog food stacks up in terms of nutrition, wholesomeness and quality, I’m always happy to do an amateur analysis for you and make suggestions.  And they don’t even have to be one of the foods I carry! 🙂  Call if you’d like to take advantage of this complimentary service we provide.


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