Someone needs a new marketing PR person

Apparently Monday was Holistic Pet Day.  However, most of America AND the pet industry didn’t even know it.  Now that we’re aware, we can mark out calendars for next year, although all these special ‘Days’ are simply about awareness, as we like to think we practice holistic pet care year round at Bifrost Farms.

Pet owners or prospective owners are always welcome to stop by BF during our regular hours of 8-11 a.m. or 3-6 p.m. to find out how you can be more proactive in providing your pet a holistic lifestyle.  What this simply means is feeding a natural, additive-free food, educating yourself on vaccination protocol and something many people don’t realize, taking care of your pet’s dental health.

We offer most holistic, organic and/or natural pet foods on the market today at a lower price than big box stores and even what you can order on line.

Have a happy two-days-after-Holistic-Pet-Day!!

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