That look of love

Our farmer’s market season starts on May 20th. I love going to the market and setting out samples of everything I have. I wish I could put up a secret camera to capture the face of people who come to my table with a friend who wants a sample. When asked if they’d like to taste also, they shake their head vigorously and scrunch up their mouth in that “I can’t stand that stuff” kind of way. Usually because they’ve had goat cheese in the past and, as much of the mass produced products are, it was not up to the quality of something handmade with care and love. I promise them my cheese is not ‘goaty’.

Sometimes we (me and their friend) can convince them to take a little taste. And then comes the moment I wish I could capture forever. Eyes widen, lips begin to curl into a pleasantly surprised smile…and they ask for another taste of a different flavor.
My work here is done.

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