The cost of living increase we’ve been dreading for kenneling your dog

Hoping to give everyone lots of notice. Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of utilities, after five years, Bifrost Farms will be raising its boarding rate to 18.96 a night (currently 18.00 a night), effective January 1, 2016. We had hoped not to do this for awhile longer, but we pride ourselves in keeping our kennel at a comfortable temperature for us and your dogs, both in winter and summer, and those costs just keep going up. The odd figure is because with tax, it comes to an even 20.00 a night.

Dogs being boarded prior to 1/1/16, will continue to received the $18/night rate for the duration of their stay.

We very much hope that our clients will understand and continue to allow us to care for their furry family members. Thank you.

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