The ‘Farm’ in Bifrost Farms

When we moved here almost six months ago (WOW), the boarding kennel was going to be our bread and butter and the business we’d both longed for, but we have other plans too.  Growing some of our own food and having chickens for eggs for a starter.

Hopefully next year will see a couple of dairy goats added.  The prospect of making our own cream, butter, yogurt and ghee makes me chafe at the bit to do it now now now, but I know that if we try to do it all in the first year, the road to burnout will be short and sweet.

One of our plans we’re hoping to implement this year, though, is a BBQ shack in the small building next to the house.  With a slow cooking oven from Joel’s father and a killer rub recipe, we’re gonna try to offer BBQ, slaw and beans every weekend this summer with outside seating and a place for your dog to run around if  they happen to be with you.  I hope you guys love brisket because we’re loving this idea!

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