The Legacy

I’m not much for guilting people into adopting dogs rather than buying them from breeders and pet stores (although I really really don’t like seeing doggies in the window).  But, I saw this in the fall issue of the Great Dane Rescue’s newsletter and just had to share because I think it’s fairly common to think that we just can’t go through losing one more beloved pet.

When human beings die they write their testament to leave their
home and all they have to those they love. I’d do such, if I could write,
to a poor desperate, lonely stray. I’d give him my happy home, my
bowl and my cozy bed…my soft pillow and my toys…the so loved lap,
the tender stroking hand, the lovely voice…the place I had in
someone’s heart, the love, that at last, helped me to find a peaceful
end, held me firmly in a sheltering embrace. When I die, please don’t
say “I will never have a furbaby again; the loss is too much to stand.”
Choose a lonely, unloved dog and give him MY place. THIS IS MY
INHERITENCE! The love I leave behind is all I’m able to give.
~ Author Unknown

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