The light at the end of the winter tunnel

We have GREAT plans for Bifrost Farms.  And I suppose you all know how that goes. Dividing it up into years instead of months should make it all doable, but I’m so impatient to have my goats and my chickens and my little shack of a restaurant, it’s hard to wait!!

With Spring just around the corner, we’ve already got some seeds, thanks to the great Seed Share we went to last weekend, to start in the basement.  Must get grow lights!! And we’re hoping to have enough of a tax refund for a good chunk of a used tractor.  Also, on the agenda for 2011 is the Kennel Club, serving BBQ until we run out on Saturdays this summer, as well as the start of our Buckeye chicken herd, pack, gaggle?  What are chickens anyway?

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