The slow but sure train to minimal vaccinations

I was relieved and hopeful to see that the new 2011 vaccination guideline released by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is finally falling in line, or approaching it, with what so many of us who wish to raise our dogs naturally and wholly have believed for years.  Less is more when it come to vaccines.

According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, the study is still probably not a reflection of the true committee member’s ideal, as it was sponsored by four vaccine manufacturers.  But, it does my heart good to see them headed in the right direction.

I realize that despite these recommendations many veterinary practices will continue to push annual vaccinations and most boarding kennels will continue to require every vaccine imaginable prior to taking in a new dog.  Unfortunately for the kennels, in this litigious society we live in, I can see their point.  However, we at Bifrost Farms continue to believe that educating our clients, being diligent about providing them the best information possible about how we run our kennel, keeping a sanitary environment for the dogs and only requiring that vaccination that is mandatory by state law, which is the rabies, is the best choice for us.

And we are always happy to discuss our policy and answer question for anyone interested.



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