Things we love for our dogs…and you should too, part I

Bully sticks gained popularity in the 90s as the ultimate treat for your dog. They are easy to digest, help keep your dogs’ teeth clean, and when being chewed on and all wet and slobbery, can really STINK!!!

Have a few giant tough chewers, I always wanted to be able to give them these, but honestly couldn’t deal with the smell (yes, it was fine outside, but it’s nice to give them something to occupy them, even for a short time, in the snowy winters of Wisconsin). While looking through my dog food distributor’s catalog for yet another chewy that would last more than two seconds and not choke or block my dogs, I came across the USA made Nature’s Own Odor-Free Bully Sticks.  They come in several thicknesses and lengths, but we like the 6″ Jumbo for our Danes, even though they have larger sizes. We wanted to give them something they could finish off in a reasonable time while enjoying outside or inside time with us.

Bifrost Farms keeps a box of these gems in the kennel for Ollie, our resident Dane, as well as offering them to clients who would like to treat their dogs to something special while they’re vacationing with us.


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