This does not surprise me

Last night we were at the Buck Shot Bar and Grill having dinner and I was telling Joel about the Diamond recalls.  We discussed whether I should withhold judgement until Diamond published a statement, and Joel cautioned I should not just “shut down” Diamond as a product in my inventory until all the facts were out. He was right, of course, as I tend to react rashly sometimes to news that puts my loved ones in danger.

This morning I see that a second Diamond plant, this one in Missouri, is issuing recalls for Salmonella.  Quelle Surprise.  My stance in our “discussion” was that if Diamond allowed such shenanigans to occur at one plant, what makes me want to believe they’re policing the rest of their plants?

If you are using any of the Diamond products, which are numerous, please consider investigating alternative foods.  I’m happy to consult with anyone who would like to find out what other dog and cat foods are out there that will provide high-quality nutrition for your beloved furry family members.

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