Time for my semi-annual reminder about pet insurance

Some of you are probably sick of hearing me go on and on about this, and right up front I want you to know that no pet insurance company pays me to say this stuff. I consider it a public service announcement and the voice of experience.

I’ll make it brief.  If your pet is a member of your family and you can’t imagine life without him or her, you need pet insurance.  Honestly, we’re talking about a dollar a day here, if that much, depending on coverage, for thousands of dollars in insurance to cover those things that wring your pocketbook dry.  Cancer, bloat, emergency surgery, accidents, respiratory disease (ask me about this one), you get the idea.

I’ve had insurance with several of the major players and for my own dogs, I couldn’t imagine being with anyone other than Embrace Pet Insurance. However, do your due diligence and educate yourselves before choosing. Believe me, there is an affordable policy out there for everyone and every dog, cat, bird or ferret.

This is a timely article about what you should ask before deciding on a pet health insurance company.  Go read it!

Ok, end of PSA for a few months. 🙂  WOOF!

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