What’s this anesthesia-free pet dental thing all about?

As far as we know, Meg is the only person in Wisconsin who does anesthesia-free dentals for pets.

Right now, as word gets out and more and more people begin to discover this option for their cats and dogs, I do one clinic a month with my partner, Dr. Linda Vognar DVM, CVA. Dr. Vognar examines all dogs which come in to the clinic to be sure they are healthy enough for the procedure. However, part of the beauty of this alternative option to dental health is that dogs who normally could not get their teeth cleaned due to underlying health issues such as kidney or liver failure, heart disease or allergic reactions to anesthesia are perfect candidates for us.

There are veterinarians who are concerned about the thoroughness of the process, as well as the bacteria being scraped off your pet’s teeth being swallowed. While it is true that we cannot extract teeth, perform x-rays or use the ultrasonic polishers that traditional vet dentals can provide, we do manage to get all the tartar and plaque off of your dog’s teeth, even at a subgingival level. As for as bacteria, it’s true that this is not optimal, but with many dogs who cannot have regular anesthesized dentals, their teeth or so bad that they are swallowing and ingesting bacteria on a daily basis. We always recommend and prescribe antibiotics if we feel that your dog needs added protection.

More information and answers to your questions may be found on our Other Services page.

Below is a video produced by the Well Animal Institute where I was trained as a Pet Dental Hygienist. Cindy and Turie were my teachers. I’m happy and proud to be able to bring this service to my area of Wisconsin and I look forward to the day when it is an option that pet guardians have everywhere they live.

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