Bifröst Farms, in Boyceville, WI, is home to our boarding kennel, several rescue Great Danes and a tribe of Miniature Nubian goats. There is no telling what else we’ll add in the coming years, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a yurt sitting up on the hilltop out back where people can stay while enjoying the farm, milking goats and making fresh artisanal cheese.

Heimdall (left) and Vala were the start of our love affair with Great Danes.

We are Joel and Meg Wittenmyer, and the farm is our dream, inspired by Heimdall, the Gentle Giant, and created for all dogs (as well as other living creatures which may inhabit it). With over 50 years of dog experience between us, we treat your dogs as our own. And believe me, no dogs are more spoiled than ours. Joel’s expertise revolves around helping dogs with behavioral issues and Meg is a certified canine acupressure and massage therapist.

At Bifröst Farms Boarding Kennel, there is never an additional charge for extra services, such as medicating your pet and providing extra exercise and pampering.


We raise a herd of Mini-Nubian dairy goats who produce the high-butterfat rich milk. As on the rest of the farm, we maintain that the natural path is the most efficient and safest way to treat animals. With a strong immune system and healthy diet and supplementation (all derived from natural means, not chemical) when necessary, our goats thrive and pass on their strong genetics.

Kenzie loves to share her milk with us.
Kenzie loves to share her milk with us.


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