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Are you a food entrepreneur who just needs to get your food out there so everyone can realize what they've been missing?

Or a caterer who needs space to create your products and services? Are you a farmer, looking to diversify your income with value-added products?

Bifrost Farms, previously a farmstead goat cheese creamery, has been converted into a licensed and inspected shared-use kitchen.

NEW UPDATES FOR FOOD TRUCKS! Wisconsin has an updated Food Truck requirements. All mobile food establishment regulations can be found here:

Requirements for Mobile Food Establishments

Bifrost Farms offers a special package for food truck owners. Ask us about the low rates for using our kitchen as your base.

Ready Made Pizza Dough

Chef Joel’s own sourdough pizza dough is sold in 1# refrigerated packs, ready for you to roll out and dress. Since he uses a sourdough starter, the ingredients are only flour, water & salt.

What makes our pizza dough so special? We make our dough with a high hydration rate, which some people think makes the dough too sticky. But the hydration is what gives you that puffiness around the edges and crisp bottom.

Here are Joel’s instructions for using Bifrost Farm’s pizza dough, for both conventional home ovens and high-heat pizza ovens.

Working with Bifrost Farms High Hydration Pizza Dough

  1. Remove from refrigeration about four hours before you wish to cook the pizza.
  2. Lightly oil a bowl and place the dough in the bottom.
  3. Cover bowl loosely and put in a warm spot to proof for four hours or until roughly doubled in size.
  4. When dough is ready, put pizza stone in oven, if you have one, and turn to 500 degrees.
  5. Make a small mound of flour, also coating your hands, and place the dough on the flour, sprinkling a little bit on the top.
  6. Gently press the dough out to flatten it. Move your hands around the dough on the work surface to spread out to desired size.
  7. As it begins to expand beyond the mound of flour, flip it and dredge through the flour, repeating step 6.

Next steps for a home oven

  1. Place a piece of parchment paper on the pizza peel and put the crust on the parchment paper.
  2. Spray the crust with olive oil and brush lightly to spread evenly.
  3. Top your pizza and slide it, and the parchment paper, onto the stone. Cook till done. About 10 minutes.

Next steps for a pizza oven

  1. Sprinkle a mixture of corn starch, corn meal, and semolina flour on the WOODEN pizza peel. Place the crust on the peel.
  2. Spray the crust with olive oil and brush lightly to spread evenly.
  3. Top your pizza and slide it into the oven. Cook till done. About 1 to 2 minutes.
If you like our dough, post a picture on our Facebook page to tell us why and we’ll give you a free crust in return!


Joel at work

Kolaches and the rest

If you stroll through the Menomonie Farmer’s Market on any given Saturday, you will find us hawking our very popular breakfast Texas Kolaches. We guarantee you won’t find anything else like them in our area!

We are currently offering hardwood smoked sausage links and sharp cheddar cheese, with or without Jalapeños. All wrapped in our own secret sweet dough recipe.

Bifrost Farms custom-blended seasoning mixes are back. Italian seasoning, perfect for taking your pizza sauce or pasta dishes to the next level. And Cajun Blackening Spice that will add l’esprit to any dish!

Just introduced in 2023, we are offering our special compound butters. Cafe de Paris is a complex (20 ingredients!) butter we use on any protein to create a rich glaze and butter sauce. Steaks, seafood, pasta and even vegetables take on a new flavor when used with our Cafe de Paris.

Escargot (no, there are no snails in it) Butter is what we like to call garlic butter on steroids. Use it on EVERYTHING!

“I recently had the chance to try the cafe de Paris and escargot butter from Bifrost Farms, and as a chef I am blown away with how these butters can bring a dish to the absolute next level. I’m a fan of both, but the escargot butter I am putting on everything. Use it as a base for a roux, hollandaise, or fresh roasted corn. You can not go wrong. ❤️— “ 
~Chef Stacy of Stacked

Please stop by and have a sample. Or call us for bulk orders.

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